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Beyond a doubt, our most exciting textiles are created in collaboration with some of India’s finest weaving masters. It is our network of weavers that continues to inspire us to try new techniques on their innovative textiles.

Mehmood Ansari

In a country with many fine weavers, and even some great masters, Mehmood Ansari stands out as an artist—or a weaving wizard! One of the finest craftsmen of India, Ansari started weaving from a young age at an NGO in Maheshwar—a weaving village in the heart of central India. He spent many years here, honing his skills and producing fine silk sarees and stoles that were appreciated by a high-end clientele in India and abroad. In the late 90s, he set up his own weaving centre which grew rapidly and soon Ansari was making fabrics that were sourced by top fashion designers. What sets his work apart from anyone else is his willingness to experiment and try new innovations in his craft. Today, his 3 sons handle most of the weaving business but anytime there is a new design to be created, Ansari is up for the challenge. With a gleam in his eye, he is back to the loom, doing what he loves best!

Swapan Nandi

Adiv is proud to work with master Swapan Nandy of Phulia in West Bengal. Nandi learned to weave from his father who was part of the weaving community that migrated to India from Bangladesh during the Partition of India in 1947. Operating in an extremely remote and rural part of India, Nandi has seen many ups and downs in life. From hosting high-end French designers at his own village home to having all his work taken away overnight by crooked traders, he has been strong through it all. His knowledge and genuine love for the craft has kept him going. Today, the super soft cottons and linens that he weaves for us are appreciated by many of our customers the world over.

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