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Adiv Pure Nature is a sustainable fashion brand known for our serenely beautiful natural dye colors, casually elegant lifestyle products, and our environmental ethos.

We design effortless pieces using ethically sourced hand-woven, organic and natural fabrics. Our products promote a sense peace and well-being

Adiv, home of the Temple Dye Project and Temple Blessings textiles, is a female-owned, sustainable, artisanal manufacturer of hand,natural-dye textiles, apparel, and lifestyle products. Founded by Rupa Trivedi as a social enterprise a decade ago. Our mission is to promote the use of non-toxic, natural dyes on textiles to create sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion and lifestyle products that are as beautiful as they are ethical.

We work only only with natural textiles, including organic and/or handwoven fabrics woven by rural artisans in India. We constantly endeavor to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire value chain of production. Located in North Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, this urban artisanal enterprise is an unexpected haven of beauty within a bustling industrial enclave

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