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Living Colors from Herbs & Flowers

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Natural dyeing is the soul of our practice. We have the largest range of natural colors in the country. Four colors, and many variations thereof, are created from recycled temple offerings as part of our Temple Dye Project: Marigold, Rose, Hibiscus and Coconut. Nothing with food value is used for dyestuffs. In an effort to reduce local food waste, we recycle onion peels and tender coconut husks collected from restaurants and food stalls.

The organic waste is gathered and brought to the studio where it is sorted. Large expanses of flowers create bright carpets of fragrant petals on the studio floor. Floral waste material is dried for various lengths of time or pulverized into powder for later use. Herbal pigments like madder, indigo and pomegranate peel are ayurvedic dyes purchased from local small batch suppliers.

Patterns and textures are created either by tying, steaming, block dyeing or hand painting, or hybrids of all the techniques. Adiv enjoys using tools around them in interesting ways. For instance, we use binder clips to create a small check texture, or household brushes to make splattering marks. Fabrics are sourced from small Khadi weavers of both silk and cotton from Maheshwar, Bengal and other places around India.

We are dedicated to our commitment of total sustainability and eco-friendly processes. As part of our endeavor to achieve this, we recycle the used dye water, and the depleted flowers and dye residue are composted.

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