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Living Colors from Herbs & Flowers

"The hands that make Adiv what it is deserve special mention. My team consists of talented self-taught people, primarily women. I have a deep sense of respect for them and I lovingly call them the “Urban Artisans” a designation they have strived hard to earn." –Rupa Trivedi

The force behind our organization is the people themselves. Each one came to Adiv simply in search of work but stayed to find meaning and pride in what they do. Everyone gives a little bit of themselves to the beautiful products they make.

The Adiv Dyeing Team

Our colorists are an eclectic group of self-taught urban artisans from economically challenging backgrounds; a motley of personalities, each having developed a unique passion for natural dyes under Rupa’s nurturing guidance. These young men and women include the fearlessly talented Mukhtar, guarded Priyanka, self-reliant Tabu, diligent Varsha, among others. They have tackled head-on, the challenges of survival in a city like Mumbai, and found an unexpected creative home and steady income at Adiv.

Together, this unusual group of innovative textile designers have created a magical archive of “living colors” and shibori interpretations.


The Tailoring Team

Adiv tailors are a group of highly skilled master tailors who convert the beautifully dyed fabrics into impeccably tailored garments that meet the highest international standards. Coming from diverse backgrounds, this talented group is led by Altaf, a self-taught master of patterns and cuts, who has the honor of being Adiv’s first employee. He is supported by an excellent team tailors, all of whom have a fine eye for quality and detail, ensuring world class apparel production.


The Product Management Team

Our products all start with an idea; maybe it’s a small swatch created by our dyeing team, or a maybe it’s a garment sketch contributed from one of our many international buyers. The Product Management Team ably led by Priti Ghosalkar. shepherds the process of moving from idea to reality. Priti manages every detail from sampling through production. Priti is also our model and muse!


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