Beautiful, Natural Dyed Clothing & Textiles
Sustainably Crafted since 2011

Living Colors from Herbs & Flowers

Color and Texture From Nature

“At Adiv we are a family-a family that dyes together and plays together to the tune of nature’s “living colours.” –Rupa Trivedi

Adiv premium products use only natural dyes to create a magnificent range of colors and textures. Every textile is engineered for maximum longevity and colorfastness. Adiv weaves together technical finesse and artistry for the discerning customer, creating stylish comfort and elevated everyday dressing while never losing sight of our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The Adiv Advantage—Technical finesse and Beauty

Far ahead of its times, Adiv invested in scientific research on dyes in a production setting in collaboration with the Institute of Chemical Technology, India’s premier textile research institution. From the onset, Adiv has put research into practice on the dye floor to provide our customers with the highest possible natural dye quality and long-lasting color fastness. Our research also extended into color development too, and today we have the largest range of natural shades in the country.

We do extensive lab testing on all our colors and fabrics using modern processes to ensure performance if care instructions are followed. It is normal for natural dyes to shift and soften over time; they echo the ever-changing seasons of the natural world from which they came. This is part of the poetry of dyeing with plants and flower and is not a defect. Please store your products out of direct sunlight to protect against fading. Please follow the care instructions on the label.

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