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From the Atacama dessert of Chile to ancient Israel and Palestine to, of course, India, indigo fabrics have been precious, luxury goods for centuries and it is rightly known as the ‘King of Colours’.

The history of Indigo is closely linked to the history of India since ancient times when it was a key trading commodity from India, so valuable, it was known as Blue Gold.

In fact, the name “indigo” itself comes from “Indikon” which meant “product of India” to the traders of Greece in 300 BC. In 1916, the indigo plantations of Champaran in Bihar were the starting point of Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement that ultimately led to India’s freedom

From deep blackish-blue to soft powder blues, it combines with various substances to give a myriad spectrum of shades in the ‘neel’ family
It has natural soothing properties and hence ideal for calming those tattered nerves at the end of a tough day.