In July 2016 Adiv connected another precious dot, a unique milestone in its journey and welcomed Prakash Babu Karpat and his talented wife Ziza into our family.

A mystical energy center, dotted with many hot sulphur springs and a lush green forest full of medicinal plants, tranquil Ganeshpuri is at a distance of 77 km away from Mumbai.

Prakash, an Adivasi farmer from this region, continues nurturing his fields as an organic project that grows flowers for the local temples along with rice and vegetables for his own family. He has He’s resisted the lure of easy money and hasn’t let the brick-making industry destroy his small farm.We now have our marigold and hibiscus (for our dyes) being organically grown for us. We hope to explore many more possibilities in this direction.This is a very precious step towards a sustainable green world.