Connecting the dots (The Arts & The Artisans)

Mehmud Ansari
The master weaver in the textile town of Maheshwar, has been able to retain the traditional gossamer texture of Maheshwari fabrics, while simultaneously experimenting with new materials and yarns. Whether it is introducing wool into a silk warp or creating fascinating crimped textiles with lycra, he injects his trademark enthusiasm and creativity into all the textiles he creates.

Junaid Khatri
Junaid Khatri comes from an illustrious family of Ajrakh printers. Junaid has studied design at the prestigious Kalaraksha Vidyalaya. He excels at interpreting the visions of various designers onto the wooden hand-blocks that shape Ajrakh products. The word ‘Ajrakh’ means ‘keep it for today ‘or ‘beautifying’.

Asgar Ali
Asgar Ali is the gentle patriarch of the handloom weavers in Kota, Rajasthan. His focus has always been to protect the fine Kota doria textiles of the region from extinction. His pure silk and cotton textiles are still woven on hand-shuttle looms using fine silken zari. Each piece thus showcases India’s handloom traditions at their finest.


Swapan Nandi
The mulmul expert from West Bengal, Swapan Nandi weaves the finest of cotton fabrics for exceptionally soft stoles that are then natural dyed at Adiv. We are presently working on an organic cotton project with him that will ensure precious products that nurture the skin and can be used for infants.

Bashir Khatri
Hails from a renouned family of traditional “Bandhani” artisans in Kutch, Gujarat. Bandhani is the ancient Indian technique of tying tiny knots on fabric and then resist dyeing to create a variety of motifs. Khatri’s family of nimble fingers is presently developing a collection of motifs that can then be naturally dyed at Adiv.

Aftab And Shamsher Ansari
Are a dynamic brother duo from Kotwa in Banaras. Through their fine skill and uncompromising approach to the intricate traditions of banarsi weaving, they are keeping it alive in its finest form.