The present time is potentially the most enlightened of all times! As a species we have evolved to the most amazing material and spiritual dimensions. Despite the amazing modern world of comfort and ease, the soul universally seeks the elusive serenity.

We understand the human quest for this inner peace and aim to fulfill it with nature’s beauty and color. Nature evokes our senses to look, feel, listen, touch, and smell. This natural synthesis is ADIV

Adorn the body with peace, tranquility and harmony. Adiv Pure Nature, a colorful romance in exquisitely designed fabrics & garments created from herbs, flowers and recycled organic waste. A serene mélange of living colors the concept of Adiv Pure Nature is founded upon the invocation; even provocation of that mystic sense, so universal in nature brings forth this vision with a sense of reality and responsibility for a healthy, natural, and fulfilling experience of life.

About Adiv

Adiv Pure Nature, founded by Rupa Trivedi, is a seven-year-old social venture based in Mumbai. Its aim is to propagate the use of natural dyes on textiles thereby creating a sustainable, green fashion supply chain.

Adiv prides itself on using natural dyes derived from plants and medicinal herbs. It endeavors to contribute to the conservation of nature by adopting the waste recycling method that uses recyclable flowers from temples, coconut husks, and other such materials and convert it into natural dyes.

The force behind the organisation are the hand-dyers themselves—a small group self-taught, talented youngsters who come from challenging backgrounds in the city.As part of the organisation’s environmental friendly ethos, it works only with natural fabrics. It also aims to create synergies with other segments of the industry through creative tie-ups with handloom weavers and block printers across India.