Our Team

Rupa Trivedi is the founder of Adiv Pure Nature. A deep-routed love for Indian artisans and a keen desire to project often misinterpreted Indian arts and craft to a global audience led her to work with traditional textile communities across India.

However, she soon realized that the essential true-to-earth nature of these textiles needed to be further enhanced through natural dyes that also reflected this quality. And hence, Adiv was born.

Today, Rupa continues to be a hands-on manager at the enterprise seamlessly involved in overseeing the dyeing of each piece of textile to near perfection, as well as representing the organization at various art, fashion, culture and trade fairs, exhibitions and platforms.

The Adiv Dyeing Team is an eclectic and experimental motley of self-taught urban artisans. Whether it is mercurial Mukhtar, reticent Ranjana, or the self-reliant Tabu with a diligent Varsha and others they have tackled head-on, the challenges of survival in a city like Mumbai.

Our unusual and most innovative textile designers have handcrafted and blended nature’s colourful romance, and represented them in exquisitely delicate fabrics and garments.

Under the able guidance of Rupa, they create magic out of these ‘living colours’ to reflect the beauty of natural dying and their own unique interpretation of the essence of Shibori art.

Thus, Adiv, provides them not only with steady income but also a patient and positive environment to blossom and develop their latent creativity.

The Adiv Tailoring Team comprises a group of magical master tailors who convert the beautifully dyed fabrics into impeccably tailored garments that meet the highest international standards.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, this talented group ? is led by Altaf bhai, a self-taught master of patterns and cuts, the first person to join Adiv.

He is supported by an excellent team tailors such as Azad, Rajesh and Deepak, all of whom have a fine eye for detail that ensures world class garmenting.